Noble Park History

Noble Park, a National Historic Site is the majestic historic residential property of the founders of Anniston, Alabama, the Noble family. Located on an eastern hillside overlooking downtown Anniston, the property offers visual reminders of two important eras in the City of Anniston’s development. In the late 1880’s Anniston was dubbed the “Model City of the New South,” a progressive planned industrial community was developed by the town’s founding fathers, Samuel Noble and General Daniel Tyler. They envisioned a community that “combined economic prosperity with aesthetic design to provide a high quality of life” for all Anniston citizens. Noble Park emerged as a grand reminder of the Noble family’s prosperity and importance within Anniston. During this time, in 1884 the home of Samuel Noble was built, followed by the home of his brother William, two years later.

In 1887, Crowan Cottage was constructed by Samuel Noble for his parents James and Jenifer Noble (married in Crowan Parrish, Cornwall, England ). Crowan Cottage is a charming example of Victorian era architecture in the “English Cottage” style. In 1917 William Noble’s manor was purchased by William P. Acker, a prominent Anniston attorney; and remodeled to its present state.

Later in the early 1900’s, Anniston experienced a second important era of development as the ‘soil pipe capital of the world.” In 1924, Charles A Hamilton, President and co-founder of the Anniston Pipe Company was contracted for the building of Hamilton House on the Noble Park grounds, north of Crowan Cottage. The mansion is believed to be designed by the noted Birmingham architectural firm, Warren, Knight and Davies; and stands today as a brilliant example of the Tudor architectural style. In 1925 William Francis Johnston, Charles Hamilton’s co-founding partner in the Anniston Pipe Company, located his family mansion, Johnston House just north of Hamilton House.

Restoration of Noble Park is made possible through the deep love and admiration of the architectural heritage of the properties by Cleo and Carla Thomas. They have endeavored always to make improvements to their community through service and now have a vision to restore these homes for a neighborhood use that goes beyond admiration. Now through the vision and generosity of the Thomas Family, all can take part in their ownership and use of Noble Park.

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